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Ongoing pandemic Covid-19 is changes the concept of how to operate a business. We have seen more online presence and purchasing and also many employees work online remotely from their home. Covid-19 gives us new ways and opportunities to grow our business with more online presence and adopting new marketing trends. Here we will discuss key digital marketing trends that business needs to engage and retain customers and also increase online traffic. 

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Social Media Engagement

During the pandemic period, social media engagement has increased sharply and people spend more time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. From a business perspective, social media is one of the biggest platforms to highlight your business and services. It creates new opportunities for brands and organizations to increase reach to new audiences and engage with long term audiences. With spending some amount a marketer can engage and increase reach to the potential customers. 

Google My Business and Local SEO

For small businesses, Google listing and Local SEO turns out to be a big advantage to increase online visibility. Google my business provides valuable and necessary information about the business like hours, address, contact number and services to the users. Google My Business listing helps users to reach your location with the help of Map navigation. It is one of the key factors of small and local businesses to attract more potential customers. 

Local SEO requires a bit of knowledge and training, with the basic digital marketing training, you can do local SEO on your own. Local SEO means highlighting your business with local business listing directories and targeting service based keywords for your location. Bit of technical knowledge is required to perform Local SEO. 

Voice Search – A new Trend

Voice Search is the future of digital marketing and online business. Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant are becoming popular day by day. Optimizing for voice search means to rank your business for specific keywords on top position, so it will come into voice search. For that SEO helps the businesses to achieve a good response for the voice search. Generally, voice search gives results for the top position in search engines. To optimize for voice search, content needs to be unique and conversational to achieve results. 

Interactive and unique Content

Informative and interactive content helps users to engage with your business for a long time. Adding interactive content to your website and social media platforms provide a value to your user and help them to engage with your brand and products. Content is a great way to increase the visibility, engagement and reach quickly. The fastest way to reach new customers is to share your contest post with more number of users. 

Online marketing is like a long term goal and consistent work. To achieve good results and visibility, consistent effort needs to be taken. The above key points help you to increase the traffic, reach, generate more leads. To keep your business alive in the digital world, adopting digital marketing trends and implementing the trends is a must. 

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