Google Adwords Certification

Google AdWords Certification in Nashik

Google Adwords certification is must for every student who want to start career in digital marketing. Certification cover every topic of Google paid advertising service, known as “PPC Ads”. Course include the tricks to become expertise in Google adwords to handle the adwords campaign. Course include search, display, video, mobile and shopping ads. Become paid advertising expert with Google adwords certification. Develop deep understanding on how google ads works and setup eye-catching and high conversion ads. 

Google Adwords Certification Components

Paid Advertising

Learn in-depth about paid advertising across all social media channels, ad copy creation and setup, audience targeting and tracking.

Social Media Reporting

Learn how to generate performance report with the help of tools.


In-depth study of Facebook paid advertising, campaign setup and Ad account management.


Introduction with social media automation tools and in-depth practical study of paid tools. Post scheduling and bulk posting.

Social Media Analysis

Learn how to analyze social media presence of company on web.


In-depth of how to showcase profile or page, paid campaign promotion and lead generation.

Chat Bot

Setting up of Chat bot on Facebook, auto responses setup. In-depth study of features of Chat Bots. Practical implementation of Chat bot setup.

Content Creation

Learn How to create eye-caching ad copy to attract more users.


In-depth study of twitter campaigns and promotion, hashtag use and setup of account.

Campaign Setup

Learn how to setup a campaign with right objective and drive traffic with content management strategy. Re-targeting of audience & tracking.


Learn how to create studio and increase video views and subscribers.


In-depth study of how to get higher engagement, use of hashtag and Influence marketing.

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